Progress Report of Our Big Rescue


If we hope to save this big herd from the hunter’s bullet, we must get started now. The next two months are critical to the success of this rescue.

Our rescue of a big herd looks good but we have much hard work ahead of us. Here are some of those challenging tasks.

We must gain governmental approval, including approval from CITES, which is the international wildlife trade agreement between governments.

The logistics of this rescue must also be thoughtfully planned among wildlife professionals. Fortunately, we have a world class wildlife team to call upon who are, literally, among the finest in the world. This logistical equation that stands before us includes many components such as reserving cranes, helicopters and a significant fleet of heavy transport vehicles. Organizing veterinarians, medical personnel and supplies are essential, as well.

And, of course, we must raise the money to pay for this expensive equipment and these supplies.

Once we have formal approval from the government that will receive these elephants, we must create a well documented video describing this rescue. We feel that openly telling the story of this rescue in a quality video, and several other videos, is essential.

Our goal will then be to raise $100,000 on the internet, which is half of the amount needed to rescue these elephants. Upon reaching this target, we will seek big donors to match this amount to reach the goal of $200,000 needed.

This is only $2,500 for each elephant, which I feel is a cost well worth saving an elephant.

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