Important meeting with the Ambassador of Botswana in Washington, DC


Hathaway shaking hands with the Ambassador of Botswana at the Botswana Embassy in Washington, DC.

The founder of, Phillip Hathaway, was received by the Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana at the Washington, DC embassy last week. As a symbol of his esteem for His Excellency, the President, Ambassador Newman and the people of Botswana, Hathaway presented the ambassador with a replica of George Washington’s pistol tastefully encased in an attractive wooden box.

During the hour-long meeting, they discussed many issues effecting the estimated 160,000 elephants who live in the desert region of Botswana, especially water availability, reforestation and herd management.

Hathaway said, “It was an honor to meet the ambassador who represents His Excellency, the President and the wonderful people of Botswana. Hardly a day goes by in which I don’t say, thank God for Botswana. For if not for Botswana, I would have no hope for the survival of the African elephant. The Botswana Defense Force protects them and no hunting is allowed.

“So, I revere these wonderful people and their government. Without them, I would have never founded because our work in Sub-Sahara would be utterly impossible. Therefore, meeting with the ambassador was an important step in our mission of, ‘Ensuring a safe, natural environment for all elephants.’ And so, we envision maintaining a high level of rapport with the Government of the Republic of Botswana over the coming decades.”


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