Over 210,000 people sign our petition to save Can!


Three other forest elephants died at the Abidjan Zoo where some animals are starving.

“First we noticed that some of the animals are starving and in bad shape. We saw a lonely elephant and its was sad.” These are the words of an eye-witness who visited the Abidjan Zoo in the war-torn Ivory Coast on January 29, 2016. Also, a German citizen and zoologist has visited CAN several times and describes her situation at the zoo as “unsustainable”.

This is why we are delighted that our petition has been so well received. Over 210,000 people from around the world have signed it.

Yet, there remains much long, hard work. Going through the bureaucratic red tape in Africa is uniquely time-consuming and it will take months and months to complete. And, we must care for the animals as we work, as well. Then, we must assemble a qualified expert team to ensure CAN’s safety as we transport her. Finally, we must be absolutely certain she is taken to a place of safety, which will fulfill our mission, “A safe, natural environment for all elephants.”

But we will never leave the others behind without fighting for them, too. Along with CAN, we hope to rescue each and every one of the animals from that zoo.

So, please go to our petition by clicking here and sign it today.

CAN and all the animals at Abidjan thank you!

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