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I have been fighting since early summer of this year to stop a scene like this from happening to the 80 elephants who we must save. I consider the individual pictured above to be a murderer. And I am doing everything I can to stop the mass murder of these 80 elephants. Please fight this battle with me by making a generous donation today!

I’ve just received word that hunters are pushing to kill the 80 elephants we are trying to rescue. The Republic of South Africa has approved the Elephant Management Plan in which all 80 will be shot dead. This culling permit was given the OK several months ago. But now we are competing more directly with hunters who want to kill them.

Here is the problem: adult elephants eat approximately 660 pounds of food every day. Multiply this by 80 elephants and you have 52,800 pounds of food daily. That’s 26.4 tons of trees, roots and other plants each day or 9,636 tons every year!

And, other animals must eat, too. So, there is keen competition for survival among them.

Miraculously, I may have found a home for all 80 elephants!

Their new potential home has plenty of food, water, an excellent climate and terrain. There are no poachers and hunting is strictly outlawed with deadly force. We are working with local government officials to determine the exact area where they will be settled and hope to have this identified soon.

We must raise at least $200,000 for the relocation, which is only $2,500 for each elephant. This is a bargain!

I’m in touch with the man who oversees the nature reserve where the herd of 80 elephants live, communicating with him by phone and email. He has been extremely helpful. It’s often necessary to talk by phone and these calls to him and other parties involved are becoming expensive.

Perhaps, this is cost you’d like to help us with. We’ve made giving both easy and safe.

Simply press the orange donate button at the top of this page and select the amount you wish to give.

I thank you – and the elephants especially thank you!


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