Elephant dies in freezing temperatures in Oklahoma City

Chai at the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden in August, 2015.

Chai at the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden in August, 2015.

Elephant Scientist, Toni Frohoff, Ph.D. said, “There is a strong basis for concern that Chai was left outside in the cold overnight and was not afforded reasonable protection, as is required under the Animal Welfare Act.  This needs to be explored as the cause of, or a contributing factor, to her early and suspicious death.

“Repeated statements from the Zoo in the media and even on their website and media release claim that Chai was ‘found in the elephant yard at approximately 7:30 am’. Given the recorded temperatures of that night falling into the 30’s and the lack of evidence that she was monitored appropriately, this would be a heinous violation of both Subpart F 3.127(b) of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), regarding appropriate shelter from inclement weather and Association of Zoos and Aquarium guidelines that, ‘Elephants exposed to temperatures below 40°F for longer than 60 minutes, must be monitored hourly to assess the potential for hypothermia.'”

The Seattle Times blasted Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle city officials for allowing Chai to be sent the infamous Oklahoma City Zoo. Read the full article by clicking here.


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