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Johan Kruger of the Atherstone Nature Reserve in South says that 80 elephants there must be moved or killed.

The Republic of South Africa has APPROVED a culling permit!

This means hunters will be allowed to kill them all for “sport” unless we move them.

We have a found a new home for them and are working as fast as we can to create a transportation plan and Elephant Management Plan (EMP) for their care once they have been relocated.

Please donate generously for your help makes a big difference.


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The Plan

Presented succinctly in nine-and-a-half pages, our plan to save elephants from extinction outlines concrete steps that will make a difference on the ground in elephant ranges.

Executive Briefing

This free, fully illustrated magazine edition includes twenty-eight pages of the latest information supported by sixty-one references. It’s essential for those who care about elephants.

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