Big Step Towards the Rescue of 80 Elephants


Although hunters probably won’t kill babies like this, it is quite likely that, should they lose their mothers from the hunter’s bullet, they will die from a broken heart, which so often happens in these instances.

After several months of focusing on finding a proper home for the herd of 80 elephants who must be moved from their present home in South Africa, I have a victory to share.

While we have known the general area and country where we had hoped to relocate the herd, now we know the precise location of what may be their new home. So we have more confidence that the government of that country is openly working with us to graciously welcome this imperiled herd into their country.

This is a big step! Particularly, since a Culling Permit to kill them was approved some time ago and will be most definitely implemented unless they are moved.

World class experts on the ground have identified a area in which plenty of food and water is available. The climate and terrain is excellent. There is neither a hunting nor a poaching threat. Moreover, we can transport the entire herd by truck, rather than air cargo planes, which I had previously anticipated.

I am keeping this location a secret for now because several individuals and hunting organizations want our plans to fail. But we can’t let the hunters win this battle!

You can be sure it’s going to be a tough fight.

So I am focusing all my attention on raising the money to fund this urgent rescue.

It has been estimated by specialist who have decades of experience moving elephants that the cost will be approximately $200,000 or only $2,500 for each elephant. I feel this is an exceptional bargain.

We simply can’t make this happen without your help. So, please consider being a part of this urgent rescue by making a generous donation today.

Click here to give $125 to $5,000

Or here to make a donation of $30 to $100

5 Responses to Big Step Towards the Rescue of 80 Elephants

  1. It’s a sad commentary on the human race that we have to go to such great lengths to save our beautiful wildlife. Hunters should be hunted and put away for the rest of their miserable, cruel, useless lives.

    l usr

  2. It’s a sad commentary on the human race when we have to go to such lengths to protect our beautiful wildlife from these cruel, heartless, excuses for humans. We should hunt them down and put them away for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  3. I spend my life rescuing and saving animals. without them, there is no reason for me to live. This would be a terrible place if there were no wildlife left. I will do what ever I can to prevent the cruelty of animals.

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